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"The Year of the Empowered Working Mom"

The Faith Empowering Experience for Working Moms 

who have Lost their Identity in their Roles, BUT are Ready to Get Back to

God, Themselves & Their Careers While Balancing It All!

What to Expect

Inspiration, Connection, and Support to lead Working Moms to Grow in their Careers while Prioritizing God, Themselves, and their Families. This Annual Event addresses the Most Pivotal Needs facing the Modern Working Mom in her Various Stages.

Featuring an Expert-Led Workshop, Panel Discussions, Celebration, and Networking. 

Lost, Frustrated, and Overwhelmed with Emotions, But Trying to Keep the Faith? It's Time to Get Back to You, An Empowered Working Mom! 

Business Interview

Learn from Working Moms Who Have Been Where You Are



Transition to Empowered

Identify Overwhelmed, Lost, and Frustrated Habits and Create Transitional Mindset Shifts Needed to Show Up as an Empowered Working Mom.


Build Your Winning Circle

Gain the Tips to Develop a Community of Support that will enable you to be Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually STRONG.


Becoming Empowered

Identify, and then Develop the Strategies Necessary to Manage Your Priorities, and Why God Must Be Your Foundation as an Empowered Working Mom.


Celebrating Yourself

Identify the Tools and Strategies to Celebrate Yourself, Spend Time With Yourself, and Create Boundaries for Yourself, Your Family, and Your Workplace.

You Don't Have to Be Alone in Your Working Mom Journey. It's Time to Build Your Community & Become an Empowered Working Mom!

General Admission Ticket

Your Ticket Includes: 

  • Exclusive EWM Workbook 

  • Private Online Community 

  • Networking 

  • Breakfast, Snacks, & Beverages

  • Access to Tangible Resources to Grow Your Career & Balance Life

  • Access to Empowering Speakers

Exclusive Admission Ticket

Your Ticket Includes: 

  • Everything in General Admission 

  • Post Breakfast Coaching Session with Latika

  • Personalized Strategy to Lead and Grow Your Career, and Balance Work & Life

Conference Break Time

An Empowered Working Mom is a Woman Who Allows God to Strengthen Her So She Can Become Efficient, Motivated, Patient, Obedient, Wholesome, Excellent, Resilient, Ecstatic, & Decisive! Join Fellow Working Moms to Gain the Inspiration, Tools, and Resources to Start the Transformation Back to You, An Empowered Working Mom! 

Meet the Empowering Speakers

We are thrilled to unveil the stellar lineup of empowering speakers who will grace the stage at this year's EWM Breakfast. We have curated a diverse group of experts and thought leaders who will share their insights, experiences, and knowledge on being an Empowered Working Mom.

Why the EWM Breakfast? 

Meet the EWM Breakfast Host, Latika Vines

The EWM Breakfast is a safe space for working mothers to connect, learn, and share their experiences. As a working mom who has faced challenges such as postpartum depression and feeling the need to appear perfect, Latika understands the difficulties of balancing work and life. This event aims to inspire and provide resources to help working mothers navigate these challenges and trust in God as they evolve their journey.


Our Empowered Sponsors

We would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors who are contributing to the success of the Empowering the Working Mom Breakfast. Their support has been invaluable in making this event possible. 

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Check out what some of the attendees had to say about the Empowering the Working Mom breakfast

From this event, I learned that I am not alone, there are many moms balancing it all and making it work.

EWM Breakfast Attendee

This was wonderful. It makes me think about everything I'm going through and soul-searching to invest in myself! This was amazing! I'm glad I attended.

EWM Breakfast Attendee

I really appreciated the spiritual impact that played a role in this event. Keeping God at the forefront of everything makes all the difference. It was nice to hear such powerful women lean into the wisdom of God. I truly enjoyed myself and walked away with some key points. Congrats!

EWM Breakfast Attendee

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