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3rd Annual Empowering the Working Mom Breakfast.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

"the empowering experience for working moms giving them the support and resources to get back to their God-given life and career dreams."


Location to be Announced in January 2024

What to Expect

Why Join Us

The annual Empowerment Breakfast is an empowering experience for working moms giving them the support and resources to get back to their God-given life and career dreams. It is an opportunity for working moms to be empowered to pursue their Career Vision; energized to implement Work & Life Balance; and to be equipped to become the Woman God has called them to be. This three-fold approach is the foundation we believe every working mom should have to gain the fulfillment God desires for them, as a daughter of God, woman, wife, mother, employee, employer, and beyond.

As a working mom, you have struggled with the idea of being selfish for desiring to pursue your career goals. You wanted more in your life, but due to a growing family, your dreams have faded to ensure that others have what they needed. It isn't until you hit a moment in your life, that you realize that you are not fulfilled and not happy with where you are in your own life (separate from your family).  Remember, the role of being a mother is only one of the passions, talents, and desires God filled inside of you. There is so much more! And that is why the EWM Breakfast was created – to support and provide working moms with the resources to unlock their God-given dreams; and give them the keys to realize the necessity to get back to the multi-passionate life and career God gave them so they can:
1.    Regain her strength; 
2.    Regain her confidence; 
3.    Recommit to herself; and 
4.    Be unapologetic about her needs, wants, and desires.


From this event, I learned that I am not alone, there are many moms balancing it all and making it work.

Anyonomus Attendee

This was wonderful. It makes me think about everything I'm going through and soul-searching to invest in myself! This was amazing! I'm glad I attended.

Anyonomus Attendee

I really appreciated the spiritual impact that played a role in this event. Keeping God at the forefront of everything makes all the difference. It was nice to hear such powerful women lean into the wisdom of God. I truly enjoyed myself and walked away with some key points. Congrats!

Anyonomus Attendee


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