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R.I.S.E. Up: Leading Yourself to the Next Level

Be Energized. Be Equipped. Be Empowered.

Girls Party

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Empowerment Breakfast

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Empowering the Working Mom Breakfast where we are supporting and providing resources to help working moms get back to their God-given life and career dreams - it's an empowering experience! 


During the Breakfast, we are transforming the way working moms think and view themselves, their work & life balance, and their confidence.  As a working mom, you give everyone your best, but you have neglected to give yourself the best - the best care, the best self-talk, and the best thoughts. This year, we are declaring that you will RISE UP and think, believe, and actively pursue your NEXT LEVEL of growth. Don't know what that level is? It is the NEXT LEVEL that God has promised you, but you haven't seen. The NEXT LEVEL that you believe in, but don't see how it is possible. You will achieve the NEXT LEVEL in 2023! And, during this year's EWM Breakfast, you will identify your NEXT LEVEL! 

Our dynamic Keynote Speaker, Work & Life Balance Facilitator, and Mom Conversation
will energize, equip, and empower working moms to live up to this year's theme, RISE
UP: Leading Yourself to your Next Level.


We hope you can join us for this empowering experience! 

Learn More About the Event. 

The Details 

Saturday, May 20, 2023 

Doors Open at 9:00 am EST and Close at 10:00 am EST

Event begins at 9:30 am EST and ends at 1:00 pm EST

Bodi Oasis Wellness Spa & Salon

3095 Marshall Hall Road
Bryans Road MD 20616

(Bodi Oasis is neither supporting nor sponsoring this event)

Tickets Available on April 3, 2023


Lynnecia S. Eley

Keynote Speaker

Confidently Rise Up to your Next Level

Lynnecia S. Eley is a career-driven entrepreneur, wife, and mother. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, she is an award-winning University Assistant Dean and Adjunct Professor that is committed to excellence, dedication, and caring for others. Known as the Confidence Doula, Lynnecia is a best-selling author and coach providing guidance and support to help women and young adults feel self-assured in their abilities to Birth with Purpose. As the Confidence Doula, Lynnecia will share her expertise and experience to empower and equip working moms to rise to their next level. 


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 Dr. Candace Mukendi, LGPC

Work & Life Balance Speaker

“You’re stronger than you know and you’re doing better than you think!” This is what  Dr. Candace Mukendi wants you to know for sure. She aims to uplift and empower working moms through psychoeducation, mind-body therapeutic interventions, and motivational expressions. She is a psychotherapist, occupational health psychology practitioner, and owner of Be Well Resource Group, LLC located in Maryland. Be Well Resource Group’s vision is to improve employee health and wellness within organizations, especially working moms. Candace aims to provide hope to women who have stopped believing in their ability to heal, grow, or change. As working moms, it can be hard finding balance, but with the right tools, we can thrive! Candace is married to an amazing husband and has 2 beautiful little girls. She will share tips and inspiration to help working moms create the balance needed to maintain their next level.


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Latika S. Vines

Host, Mom Conversation Facilitator

Latika Vines is your Chief Workforce Developer and Work-Life Balance Advocate & Educator partnering with Tech, Law Enforcement, and Professional Services Organizations to develop their Workforce, particularly their Working Mothers, through Career Development Workshops, Strategies, and Coaching to increase Employee Satisfaction, Improve Productivity and Retention and provide Career Mobility. As the facilitator of the Mom Conversation, Latika will energize working moms to let go of limiting beliefs and fear while equipping them to identify their next level - the level God has designed for them to pursue in their career, life, and/or business.


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The Agenda

Empowerment Market Shopping

(enjoy the many vendors available to empower you to the next level)

Welcome & Introduction 

(be introduced to the Empowerment Experience)

Breakfast & Empowerment Market Shopping

Keynote Speaker 

(take notes from our sought-after Keynote Speaker, The Confidence Doula, who will inspire you to regain the confidence needed to pursue your next level)

Empowerment Market Shopping

Work & Life Balance Workshop 

(take notes from our in-house therapist on balancing work & life so you can manage work and life while rising to your next level)

Empowerment Market Shopping

Mom Conversation 

(enjoy the anticipated discussion that will equip you to let go of fear, imposter syndrome, and limiting beliefs so you can believe and rise to your Next Level)

Empowerment Market Shopping

(end your Empowerment Experience by shopping one last time with our vendors)

Our Sponsors

We are grateful to our Sponsors who have supported this year's event. The support of our Sponsors will increase and improve resources for workforce development, work & life balance, and retention initiatives for working moms through the work of Visionary Initiatives, LLC.   

Slay LIke a Mother[6908].png

Slay Like A Mother

"Self-doubt doesn’t discriminate based on whether you work in or outside the home, or if you choose to feed your child via bottle or breast—so we don’t care either. Welcome to a safe place where mothers of all stripes can slay their dragon of self-doubt and emerge all the wiser and more confident." Learn more about the book HERE.

$79 Ticket price includes: 

  • Gift Bag (value of $250) 

  • Buffet Style Meal 

  • Dynamic Speakers 

  • Networking 

  • Empowerment Market

  • RISE UP Workbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this exclusive to working moms?

Although we would love to empower every woman, this event is only for working moms as every discussion and product has been curated just for her. 


Where can I gain further information?

For further information about this event, please contact the Visionary Team at or 301-200-2264

How can I become a speaker, panelist, vendor, or volunteer? 

It would be our pleasure to have you join us at this year's event. Please send us an email with your request to Our team will respond to you within 24 hours.  

If I am not able to attend, do you provide refunds?

Refunds will not be given. All sales are final. If you are not able to attend, please contact and we can donate your ticket to someone who desires to attend.


The EWM Breakfast is a continued celebration of Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is intended to honor the sacrifices mothers make for their children and their families. But it is often overlooked how much mothers neglect their physical, emotional, and spiritual strength and how they have allowed their dreams to fade. We hold the EWM Breakfast to follow Mother’s Day reminding working mothers of how special they are, and giving them time to renew their physical, emotional, and spiritual strength.

Check out some of the photos from this year's EWM Breakfast!

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