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Meet Our Speakers

The 3rd Annual Empowering the Working Mom Breakfast features a diverse group of speakers who will share their experiences and insights on balancing work and family life. From entrepreneurs to corporate executives, these women will inspire and empower working moms to achieve their goals. By joining this year's Breakfast, you will participate in a morning of learning, networking, and support. 

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Dr. Tiffany Carter

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Tiffany Carter is the ‘Eclectic’ coach – with the purpose to empower women to self-prioritize, decide and design the life they desire, and take aligned actions to manifest their next-level selves.


She is an entrusted coach who has provided coaching services to entrepreneurs and women executives at the likes of Amazon, Google, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Lincoln Financial, and to countless women trailblazers.


As a business professional, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two,

Dr. Carter personifies one of her coaching mantras, “I am a game changer.” Her coaching practice creates safe and inviting spaces for clients to pause, (re)connect with their authentic selves, readjust mindsets, and perspectives to achieve desired goals. She uses an ‘eclectic’ coaching model – a customized coaching process curated to meet each client’s unique needs.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Women’s Studies from the University of Maryland College Park, a Master of Science in Organizational Counseling from The Johns Hopkins University, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management from Drexel University, with a concentration in Human Resource Development.


Dr. Carter is an International Coach Federation (ICF), Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and a Certified Career Coach Specialist. She is also a certified Evók Transformational Facilitator, where she gained the mastery to connect with and help women ascend, inspire, and manifest

Stacy S. Crawley

Panel Speaker

Stacy S. Crawley is a vibrant and passionate Self-Love Specialist, Transformational Speaker, Empowerment Coach, and Best-Selling Author dedicated to transforming the lives of purpose-driven women and teen girls worldwide. Through sharing her personal trials and triumphs, Stacy guides them in embracing self-love and self-care, reclaiming personal power, discovering their authentic selves, and becoming the women God created them to be.

As a mom and survivor of domestic violence, Stacy understands the impact of past trauma on self-esteem and self-confidence. Despite her struggles, she has undertaken the necessary work to heal and overcome life's challenges, and now she seeks to empower others.

Drawing from her own experiences, Stacy provides audiences and clients with actionable tips, tools, and strategies to take immediate steps toward living an empowered life filled with joy, happiness, healing, peace, fulfillment, and purpose.

Stacy S. Crawley is the visionary CEO and Founder of Ignite Her Purpose, LLC.

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Sharrelle Higgins

Panel Speaker

Sharrelle Higgins is a motivational speaker and leadership trainer. She has dedicated the last 32 years of her life supporting, engaging, encour-aging, mentoring, coaching, and empowering women to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Sharrelle retired after 32 years of federal service managing and deliver-ing all aspects of human capital programs, including but not limited to: talent and performance management, rewards and recognition, em-ployee and labor relations, risk management, recruiting and hiring, etc.

She received her B.S. Degree from Virginia State University, Business Negotiations certification from Harvard and Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance certification from George Mason Univer-sity. She lives in Virginia with her husband of 31 years and has two adult children.

Debranetta Howard

Panel Speaker

Debranetta Howard is a strategist passionate about teaching women how to balance career and motherhood through planning and prioritization systems so they can live an organized and stress-free life while walking in their purpose!


She is the proud founder of Career Mom Community, LLC, a blog, online support community, and resource hub for purpose-driven women navigating motherhood, careers, and so much more.


Juggling a fast-paced career in Corporate, Debranetta is a Strategic Planning Director and Chief of Staff at a Fortune 50 company in IT. Her academic background and ambition led her to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration from Georgia State University. 


In her planned "free time" she enjoys traveling and going on foodie adventures with her three children! 

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L. Marie

Workshop Facilitator

LMarie, Amazon published Author and Entrepreneur spent over 20 years providing Global Corporate Leadership, managing a diverse array of technical engineering teams across the globe. She has traveled abroad from Asia to Europe and has led teams to successfully deliver multi-million-dollar global telecom network projects. She has provided leadership and motivation to teams creating superior customer experiences.


L.Marie is now pleased to offer an abundantly Stress-Free lifestyle of Self-Care and Wellness that is characterized by an exceptional level of EXCELLENCE with her consulting and coaching services. LMarie believes, our inner well-being is just as important as our outward appearance. By prioritizing Self-Care while setting and attaining professional and personal goals, we can reduce stress and overall health costs. I am hear to guide you in unleashing creativity and increasing productivity in both your personal and professional life. LMarie emphasizes the importance of taking time for SelfCare and recognizing that Self-Care is crucial to our overall well-being and success. She is dedicated to helping her clients achieve a healthy lifestyle mindset and overcome any obstacles that may stand in their way. Through her extensive experience, LMarie encourages others to embrace the idea that Self-Care is synonymous with Self-Worth and Self-Love, and to reach for their own stars.


Having held Project Management, Global Leadership and Ethics Certifications, With a degree in Business Administration, L.Marie is now a Certified Stress Management Practitioner/Coach, a Certified all natural cosmetic formulator, and has earned an Esthetician Certification from Spectrum Beauty Academy. She has owned various businesses from Real Estate investing to mortgages and has seen industries rise and fall. Pivoting and shifting gears with a high level of faith are key to moving forward and embracing change. Stress and neglecting “self” were no strangers to L.Marie

Charlene Day

Empowering Moment

Charlene Day is an advocate with a fervent commitment to empowering women and children. Her work as an International Instructor and Communication Strategist is fueled by a passion for transformative change, which mirrors the ethos of your esteemed organization. Rooted in a philosophy of service, Charlene has initiated projects like “A Forgiveness Project” and “40 Days of Mindfulness,” reflecting a shared dedication to healing and personal growth. Her acumen is sharpened by the wisdom of greats such as Dr. Myles Munroe and John Maxwell. The Ivy League Tour, their brainchild, underscores her dedication to leaving no child behind, particularly resonating with the organization’s focus on uplifting the marginalized. Armed with a rich educational background and a Doctorate of Humanitarianism, her global outreach, from the UAE to community-based partnerships, highlights her adeptness in public affairs. She is poised to join the organization’s efforts, driving initiatives that advance the welfare of women and children.

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