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About the Empowerment Breakfast

Empowering the Working Mom Breakfast is a division of Visionary Initiatives, LLC - a Career & Workforce Development Organization providing learning strategies, policies, and programs to support the current and future career development and retention of working mothers. The Empowerment Breakfast is an event for working moms, in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, boasting dynamic speakers, panel discussions, influencers, and catered products. The Empowerment Breakfast is successfully produced by our Visionary Team.

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Why was the Empowerment Breakfast created? 
The host organization, Visionary Initiatives, LLC, creates global events to support the work & life balance and career needs of working moms. However, the Empowerment Breakfast was created to support the needs of working moms in the Washington, DC metropolitan and surrounding areas. 
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Meet Your Host, Latika Vines

Latika Vines is a Workforce Developer, Corporate Trainer, 8x Author, Podcast Host, and Curator of Events for Working Moms. Additionally, Latika is a wife, and mother of 4 young girls, and lives in Southern Maryland. 


Through her company, Visionary Initiatives, LLC, she has made it her life mission to support the whole working mom. The Empowerment Breakfast is only one aspect of her commitment to working moms! 

Meet Your MC, Stacy Crawley

Stacy S. Crawley is a vivacious and passionate Self-Love Specialist, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author whose adamant about impacting and transforming the lives of purpose-driven women all around the world by sharing her personal trials and triumphs.

As a mom of four beautiful girls and domestic violence survivor, Stacy is no stranger to experiencing low self-esteem, bullying, low self-confidence, negative self-talk, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, depression, and anxiety.  However, that hasn’t stopped her from overcoming her mental roadblocks,  discovering her journey to self-love, igniting her confidence, stepping into her power, and boldly pursuing her purpose.

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Meet the Visionary Team

The Visionary Team works together to ensure the EWM Breakfast remains curated for working moms and that you leave with the Empowerment Experience.

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