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Empowerment Market

During the EWM, you will gain access to a plethora of resources to help you identify and rise up to the level God has called you to. Check out our Market vendors below.

She Can Inspire

Lynnecia S. Eley is a career-driven entrepreneur, wife, and mother. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, she is an award-winning University Assistant Dean and Adjunct Professor that is committed to excellence, dedication, and caring for others. Known as the Confidence Doula, Lynnecia is a best selling author and coach providing guidance and support to help women and young adults feel self-assured in their abilities to Birth with Purpose.

Be Well Resource Group

Dr. Candace Mukendi is the owner of Be Well Resource Group, LLC. She is a psychotherapist and occupational health psychology practitioner. Candace has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a master's degree in Clinical-Counseling Psychology, and a PhD in Business Psychology. She provides therapy to individuals and trainings, thought leadership, and research assistance to organizations who want to improve employee wellness within their teams. 

Visionary Initiatives, LLC

Visionary Initiatives, LLC is a Career & Workforce Development Organization providing learning strategies, policies, and programs to support the current and future career development and retention of working mothers. We have proudly served Private and Non-Profit Professional Services (e.g. Information Technology, Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Human Resource Management, etc...) for over 5 years.  

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Memory Burn Collective

Candles with two scents to help you relax and unwind. 

Empowering Initiatives

Empowering Professional Women to Reach their Potential. Through her coaching service, Dr. Ajao works with professional women to uncover their hidden talents, change their mindset, break down self-doubt, face their fears, overcome insecurity, unlock their potential, crush their goals, and ultimately fulfill their potential

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